What To Do If You Need Help With An Undergraduate Dissertation

When writing your undergraduate dissertation, you must have a great work schedule in place. This is going to be a very work heavy and stressful part of your college career. So, planning and sticking to a work schedule will be key for unlocking the difficulty of what it is to write a thesis for graduation purposes. However, even with the best planning problems will arise. It is inevitable. That is all right, though. Problems will come up at every stage in life. Consider any problems that surface a learning process for life. Just stay positive and pay attention to these tips and you will have a leg up on the work.

There are five things or places you can go for any help when there is an issue. That is part of your planning. Reading this is as well. You are serious about what is to come. Hopefully, you are not reading this two or three days before the due date. If you are in either of those situations, buckle down and use this guidance to get where you need to go.

  • You will be assigned a professor or staff member from your Department. Whoever it is, that person will be a sounding board and will help any way possible. The advisor will not write the paper for you. So, don’t ask, if you want to graduate. In all seriousness, the person helping you is going to go above and beyond your expectations. Trust me. Remember, these people want to help you graduate and move on into their graduate program. Help will be given. Just ask.
  • In all likelihood, you will be working with two or three other students going through the same process as you. Form a work group and meet as often as possible to help one another along. Each of you will be better at one thing than the other. Take advantage of peer collaboration. Now, you cannot do each other’s work but giving and receiving advice or an idea here and there is never a bad thing.
  • The internet is a fantastic place for help with any paper, essay, research, etc. You must be careful where you get the information and always check the references used and how many citations there are. The more, the better. Many colleges have dissertation pointers and helpful ideas. Never be afraid to check your rival college’s site. Take any help you can get if it is needed.
  • You can go to the English Department, and there is always a room set up just for helping students with papers. Most of the time it is grammar based, but you may be surprised what can be learned. Your own Department is a great place to go for help. Previous Professors and Adjuncts will be more than happy to help if they have time. If not, set up an appointment and go to their office.
  • Last but not least, yourself. If at this point in your undergraduate career, you are serious about education and your field of study. In all likelihood, as mentioned before, you will be going on to Graduate School. That means you have good grades, good test scores, and a great mind. Everyone has the potential to do anything. It is cliché but true. Have confidence in your planning and yourself. You can do this. You will do this. So, stay at it or get started because great things are waiting.

There are other pointers that can be given. Everyone has a good piece of information. So, ask anyone you can think of. Maybe their brother or mom just finished a dissertation.

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