20 investment banking dissertation topics

More often than not, it is said that smart businesspeople are those who have money tied up in assets and not those who have banked all cash. This is true in every way you want to look at it. But is here is something to look into. Does it then mean that those who invest wisely have a deeper grasp of investment banking or this is something you can learn along the way and change from worse to better? In recent times, investment banking has become an area of concern among stakeholders in different sectors of an economy. In their approaches and views, a country can best be developed through investment banking. But as a student of finance or any business related career, do you understand what this mean? Given a chance, can you craft a powerful essay on this subject nonetheless? Students are supposed to understand a subject deeply so that when they are assigned say investment banking dissertation topics, they are able to partake on it with ease and fast. Notably, a lot has been done on this area and this should get you seeking answers to the following issues;

  • How can you come up with a unique topic on investment banking? With a lot of research having been carried out in this area and many more underway, one sure path to successful project writing is coming up with a unique topic. There are many approaches to this. You can for instance choose to review existing publications from which you can identify a knowledge gap.
  • Do you have what it takes in terms of academic writing skills and creativity? Well, when it comes to getting better grades at school and in this case, project writing, there is no better way to do it except through excellent skills of writing and being creative at it. This is something you can achieve through extensive reading of not only investment banking related journals but also past academic projects in this area
  • In order to get good grades in this project, you must also appreciate the need to consult and discuss as ways of generating ideas that work. Sometimes the best topics for an internet banking dissertation is realized through dissertation. This is therefore an approach worthy of consideration.

To this end, I therefore list below a few topics on this subject to help you get started, so take a look further for more details;

  • A look into the future of investment banking with the advent of technology in financial accounting is a topic worth writing on
  • Secondly, an investigative paper on how larger global financial institutions can be outshined by smaller banks is something to think about.
  • A paper reviewing shortcomings of European Union in protecting smaller financial institutions
  • How do bigger banks contribute to collapse of smaller financial institutions? You can partake on this study through a case study approach
  • A look at insider trading in the investment banking sector
  • A look into competing forces in the operations of the Wall Street
  • An investigative paper into struggle for power and influence in investment financial institutions.
  • The question of monopoly in investment banking. How can competition be leveled?
  • The relationship between capitalism and Investment banking from an economist perspective.

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